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Stay Fit and Pain-Free with Classical Pilates

Sitting long hours?

  • Has cramming for deadlines weakened your back muscles?
  • Tired neck and shoulder muscles from staring at the screen?
  • Not as strong as you used to be?

A weak core and poor posture will cause pain in your neck and shoulders. Prolonged stress to your spine can result in herniated or slipped discs. If you are working or exercising with wonky alignment, you are setting yourself up for chronic pain and invasive surgery down the line.

Classical Pilates Addresses Imbalance

  • Realign your body and strengthen your core
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Enjoy your regular activities to the fullest

Pilates is efficient exercise that helps aches and pains go away. Recovery time is quick, and you will feel better. Bye bye headaches, hello half marathons!

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Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

— Joseph Pilates

Lessons & Classes

Stay safe during Covid times. All classes and lessons are currently online.

Private Lessons

Work with your teacher to find ways to go deeper into each exercise.

6 Express Private Lessons




4 Private Lessons


Online Mat Classes

Experience Pilates exercises on the mat with functional movement and other exercises from the Pilates system. Take your class live or on replay.

6 Express Group Classes




4 Group Classes


Private Lessons and Classes are 50 minutes. Express Lessons and Classes are 30 minutes.
All Lesson and Class purchases with Explore Pilates LLC are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Package Expiration Policy: Lessons and Class Packages have a 2-month expiration policy,
Express Lessons and Class Packages have a 1-month expiration policy.
Life throws us curveballs. Cancel twenty-four (24) hours before class time.

Above all, learn how to breathe correctly.

— Joseph Pilates


Classical Pilates gives you a series of simple (but not easy!) exercises that mobilize your spine and help you breathe better. In doing these exercises, you become more limber and agile. Consistent practice brings you pretty good results. Diving into the entire system with gusto yields awesome results and dramatic change. You will accomplish more than you thought possible and feel empowered to try new things. By moving your body, you move your mind. Dare to outperform yourself!

You are only as young

as your spine is flexible

— Joseph Pilates

Anita Park founded Explore Pilates out of her love for classical Pilates and always diving deeper into her practice. A native of Canada, she came to Bloomington many moons ago for her Master’s degree at the Jacobs School of Music and has a PhD in Hispanic Literature. She is an Advanced graduate of The Pilates Center, Boulder, and continues to learn more about classical Pilates through lessons and workshops. She’s taught Pilates for ten years. She loves to cook and do anything crafty when she’s not doing Pilates. Anita lives with her husband and daughter, and a room full of Pilates equipment and pianos.

Every moment of our life can be

the beginning of great things.

— Joseph Pilates

Smiling Anita


Anita is an amazing teacher! She provides excellent assistance catered to your precise abilities. She’s great at helping me find a way of reaching my fitness goals!

— Jeannine Bell

Anita is an excellent teacher. She is trained in Classical Pilates and works very hard to meet students at the level they’re at. She can break down the exercises in ways that are logical and doable while also pushing a little to get you connected to your body.

— Lucia Guerra

Anita is very detailed. She listens to your concerns and develops personalized lessons, focusing on areas that need help. Very encouraging instructor.

— Shera Lesly

If you would like to learn the classical order of Pilates exercises, Anita can guide you. She has a keen eye for detail and gently makes suggestions to improve your experience. The pace is upbeat and positive!

— Susan Holewinski

I am a physical therapist and was struggling with back pain, unable to run or walk without my SI going out. I had two kids and two knee surgeries in the last few years. I started working with Anita and after a few months, I feel stronger and I am now jogging over three miles without pain. I feel the best I have in over eight years thanks to Pilates with Anita!!

— Marissa Schaeuble

I had shoulder pain on and off before I started Pilates with Anita. Thanks to her reminders, I am now more aware of tension in my shoulders. I think about this outside of class. After months of doing Pilates, my shoulder pain is gone.

— Catherine Encarnacion


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